What is a high back wheelchair

Suffering from reduced mobility can make it difficult to lead a normal life, especially if you’re used to shopping, taking walks or experiencing days out with family and friends. Adding a wheelchair to your daily activities can aid in so many daily tasks, and make general life a little easier. Depending on your needs, you may be better off choosing a high back wheelchair, with a tray to support your weakened body.

Normally, wheelchairs can be divided into two kinds through whether their backrests are high or not. The backrest of ordinary wheelchairs is only about to reach our shoulder, but the high back wheelchair is higher than our head, which means the difference between them is whether the heads of the user are supported.High back wheelchairs can have the specifications as following, its armrest and footrest are detachable, the backrest can be adjusted and the users are able to rest on the wheelchair.

back wheelchair

One of the main specifications of high back wheelchair is that the back is capable to recline, which means users can adjust their sitting posture from sitting to lying. It allows the user to reduce the pressure on their butt and overcome the postural hypotension by changing their sitting postures. Besides, the wheelchair has equip the design of rear-mounted rear wheels, to avoid the rearward tilt of the wheelchair when the user is lying down, which increases the length of the wheelchair and makes the turning radius larger.
On the other hand, some of the high back wheelchairs are able to tilt-in-space. Their back and seat can recline at the same time. In this case, the user's body won’t rub against the contact surface of the wheelchair when reclining backward, which achieved hip decompression, and avoided shear and frictional forces.
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Post time: Nov-24-2022