Customer Reviews

  • Kevin Dorst
    Kevin Dorst
    My father is 80 years old but had a heart attack (and bypass surgery in April 2017) and had an active GI bleed. After his bypass surgery and a month in the hospital, he had issues walking which caused him to stay at home and not get out. My son and I purchased the wheelchair for my father and now he is active again. Please don't misunderstand, we don't turn him lose to roam the streets in his wheelchair, we use it when we go shopping, go to a baseball game -- basically things to get him out of the house. The wheel chair is very sturdy and easy to use. It's light enough that it can be easily stored in the back of my car and pulled out when he needs it. We were going to rent one, but if you look at the monthly charges, plus the insurance they force you to "buy" it was a better deal in the long term to purchase one. My father loves it and my son and I love it because I have my father back and my son has his grandfather back. If you are looking for a wheelchair -- this is the wheelchair that you want to get.
  • joe h
    joe h
    The product performs very well. Being 6’4 was concerned with fit. Found fit very acceptable. Had an issue with condition upon receipt, it was taken care of with exceptional time frame and communication second to none. Highly recommend product and company. Thanks
  • Sarah Olsen
    Sarah Olsen
    This chair is awesome! I have ALS and have a very large and heavy power wheelchair that I choose not to travel with. I do not like being pushed around and prefer to drive my chair. I was able to find this chair and it was the best of both worlds. I get to drive and with its ease of being folded up it can fit into any vehicle. The airlines were great with the chair as well. It is able to be folded up, placed in its storage bag, and the airline had it ready for us as I departed the plane. The battery life was great and the chair is comfortable! I highly recommend this chair if you prefer to have your independence!!
  • J. M. Macomber
    J. M. Macomber
    Up until a few years ago, I loved to walk and often walked 3+ miles several times a week. That was before lumbar stenosis. The pain in my back made walking a misery. Now that we are all confined and distancing, I decided I need a walking regimen, even if it was painful. I could walk around my senior citizen's community (about l1/2 mile), but my back hurt, it took me quite awhile, and I had to sit two or three times. I had noticed that I can walk without pain in a store with a shopping cart to hold onto, and I know stenosis is relieved by bending forward, so I decided to try the JIANLIAN Rollator. I liked the features, but it also was one of the less expensive rollators. Let me tell you, I am so glad I ordered this. I am enjoying walking again; I just came in from walking .8 miles without having to sit even one time and without any back pain; I am also walking a lot faster. I have even been walking twice a day now. I wish I had ordered this a long time ago. Maybe I thought walking with a walker was a stigma, but I don't care what anyone thinks if I can walk without pain!
  • Eilid Sidhe
    Eilid Sidhe
    I’m a retired RN, who fell last year, fractured my hip, had surgery, and now have a permanent rod from hip to knee. Now that I no longer needed a walker, I recently bought this terrific purple Medline Rollator, and it has worked out very well. The 6” wheels are great over any outdoor surface, and the frame height allows me to stand up straight, so important for balance and back support. I am 5’3”, though, and use the tallest handle height, so note that if needing this rollator for a much taller person. I am so mobile now, and realized that the walker was slowing me down, and using it was tiring. This JIANLIAN Guardian Rollator is perfect, and the seat bag holds a lot of items! Our youngest daughter works in Housing Maintenance, and noticed residents changing from walkers to rollators, and recommended that I try it. After much research, found that the JIANLIAN Rollator had very good qualities, though some users noted frame breakage just below the rear horizontal frame piece. I will reserve the right to edit this review if any issues evolve.
  • Peter J.
    Peter J.
    After purchasing and returning another walker from a different company because it was too unstable, I read all the reviews and decided to purchase this one. I just received it and I must say, it is so much better than the one I returned, very lightweight, but built very sturdy. I feel I can trust this walker. AND it is BLUE, not that typical gray color (I am in my mid 50s and have to use mobility devices because of my bad back), I did NOT want that gray ! When I opened the box, I was very impressed that this company took the extra time to completely wrap all the metal parts in foam so the finish would not get scuffed in shipping. Although I just got it, I know it is exactly what I wanted.
  • Jimmie C.
    Jimmie C.
    I ordered this walker for my disabled mom because her first walker is the regular one the just the sides fold in and it was hard for her to get it in and out of her car when she was alone. I searched the internet for a more compact yet durable walker and came across this one so we gave it a try and man does she love it! It folds up very easily and she can easily and comfortably put in the her passenger side of her car while she is sitting in the drivers side. The only complaint she has is the part of the walker where it folds up is too “in the middle” of the walker. Meaning she can’t get as inside the walker to sturdy herself like she could her old one. But she still chooses this walker over her previous.
  • ronald j gamache jr
    ronald j gamache jr
    When I walk around with mugh old cane I would have to find a place to set it down away from where I was sitting . The Jianlian walking cane is nice , sturdy and durable. The large foot at the bottom allows it to stand on it's own. The height of the cane is adjustable and it folds up to fit into the carrying bag.
  • Edward
    This toilet seat is perfect. Previously had a stand alone frame with handle on both sides that surrounded the toilet. USELESS with a wheelchair. Yours allows you to come close enough to toilet to easily transfer. The lift is also great difference. Nothing is in the way. This is our new favorite. It gives us a break with out (a real Brake from) a fall on to toilet. Which actually happened. Thank You for a great product at a great price and fast ship...
  • Rendeane
    I usually don't write reviews. But, I had to take a moment and let all who read this review and are contemplating getting a commode to help in surgery recovery, that this is an excellent choice. I researched many commodes and also went into different local pharmacies to check into this purchase. Each commode was in the $70 price range. I recently had a hip replacement and needed to place the commode near my sleeping quarters to make it easy to reach at night. I'm 5'6" and weigh 185lbs. This commode is perfect. Very sturdy, easy setup and so easy to clean. Take your time sitting down, keep all necessary items nearby. I really like that it doesn't take up a lot of space, just in case your bedroom is smaller. The price is perfect. Here's hoping all who read my review a speedy recovery.
  • HannaVin
    Easy to assemble with great instructions, sturdy frame, legs have good height adjustment options and the pot/bowl part is easy to remove and clean. My mom uses this bedside toilet, she weighs 140 pounds, the plastic seat is sturdy enough for her but might not be for someone much heavier. We're happy with the potty chair, it makes it a much shorter trip for her to a toilet when she's in her large bedroom, the master bath is simply too far from the bed for her now and it's not easy to get her there as weak as she is now especially with her walker. The price for this chair was really reasonable and it arrived quickly, faster than scheduled and it was very well packaged.
  • MK Davis
    MK Davis
    This chair is great for my 99 year old mom. It's narrow to fit through narrow spaces and short to manoeuvre in house hallways. It folds like a beach chair into a suitcase size and is very light. It will accommodate any adult under 165 pounds which is a little restrictive but balanced by convenience and the foot bar is a little awkward so mounting from the side is best. There are two brake systems, the hand gripe handle like some mowers and a brake pedal on each back wheel that the pusher can easily operate with their foot (no bending over). Need to watch small wheels entering elevators or rough ground.
  • Mellizo
    This bed is very helpful for all of us caring for my 92 year old father. It was fairly easy to put together and works well. It is quiet while working to lift him up or down. I'm so glad we got it.
  • Geneva
    It has a better height adjustment than most so I can use it for my hospital bed or in the living room as a table. And it adjusts with ease. I’m in a wheelchair and other ones work for the bed but do not go low enough as a table to work at in the living room. The larger table surface is a PLUS!! It’s built to be more sturdy, too! It has 2 wheels that lock. I like the light color a lot. It doesn’t look and feel like you’re in the hospital. I am much more pleased than I expected!!!! I highly recommend this to anyone.
  • kathleen
    Great wheelchair for a great price! I bought this for my mom, who has occasional problems with mobility. She loves it! It arrived well packaged, within 3 days of ordering, and was almost completely assembled. All I had to do was put the footrests on. I can't do a lot of heavy lifting, and this chair is not extremely heavy to put into the car. It folds up nicely and doesn't take up a lot of space when not in use. It is easy for her to self propel and comfortable for her to sit in. I would definitely recommend some kind of seat cushion though. I was pleasantly surprised to note that it has a pocket on the back of the backrest, and came with a tool if needed. On a side note, I did notice a lot of residents at the assisted living facility she lives at, has the same exact chair, so it must be a pretty popular & reliable brand.