Compare Reclining and Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair

If you’re looking to purchase for an adaptive wheelchair for the first time, you may have already found the number of available options are overwhelming, especially when you’re unsure how your decision will affect the intended user’s comfort level. We’re gonna talk about the question was asked a lot when assisting customers concern the choice between reclining or tilt-in-space wheelchair.

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Reclining wheelchair

The angle between the backrest and the seat can be changed to allow the user change from a sitting position to a reclining position, while the seat stays in the same place, this way to lie down is just the same as the seat of the car. Users who have back discomfort or postural hypotension after sitting for a long time are all recommended to lie down for a rest, the maximum angle is up to 170 degrees. But it has a disadvantage, because the axle of the wheelchair and the user’s body bending axle are in different positions, user will slip and need to adjust the position after lying down. 


Tilt-in-space wheelchair

The angle between the backrest and the seat of this kind of wheelchair is fixed, and the backrest and the seat will tilt backward together. The design is capable to achieve positional change without changing the seating system. Its advantage is can dispersed the pressure on the hips and because the angle does not change, there is worried of slipping. If the hip joint has a contracture problem and cannot lie flat or if a lift is used in combination, horizontal tilting is more suitable.


May be you will have a question, is there any wheelchair that has combine two ways on it? Of course! Our product JL9020L made of aluminum and combine the two recline ways on it

Post time: Dec-01-2022